List of our building products, supplies, and availabe custom options

The items listed below are either products you can buy from us here at Keystone, or else they’re features and options you can have added to a post-frame building we construct for you.

Post-Frame Building Kits

We can assemble a post-frame building kit and material package for you.  You tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll put everything together for you.

Entry Doors

entry door with no window

nine panel entry door

entry door with window

entry door with nine lites

Overhead Doors

Residential Overhead Doors

carriage house overhead doors

panel overhead doors

residential overhead doors with sunburst windows

Commercial Overhead Doors

commercial overhead door (example 1)

commercial overhead door (example 2)

Sliding Doors

sliding door (example 1)

sliding door (example 2)

Specialty Doors

specialty door (example 1)

specialty door (example 2)

Split Sliding Doors

split sliding doors (example 1)

split sliding doors (example 2)

split sliding doors (example 3)

split sliding doors (example 4)

split sliding doors with double x’s (example a)

split sliding doors with double x’s (example b)

split sliding doors with Dutch Braces with windows

Want to learn more about post-frame, pole barns, and pole buildings? Check out our post-frame construction guide.


single-hung window

slider window


Double Bubble Insulation is a multipurpose insulation for residential and commercial applications. Product is comprised of 2 layers of polyethylene bubble that are sandwiched between 2 layers of 99% pure aluminum foil.

The polyethylene encapsulated air bubbles serve as an effective thermal break as well as a vapor barrier, while the two outer layers of aluminum reflect up to 97% of all of the radiant energy.

double bubble insulation


post wrap

post wrap

Radiant Heat

radiant heat

Wood Siding

wood siding (example 1)

wood siding (example 2)


3 X 3 cupola with black rooster weather vane

3 X 3 cupola with black spear weather vane

3 X 3 cupola with black rooster weather vane

lighted cupola with weather vane

Gutters and Downspouts

gutter and downspout (example 1)

gutter and downspout (example 2)

Door Canopies

door canopy

Widows Peaks

widow’s peak

Dutch Corners

Dutch corners on porch posts

Dutch corners on porch posts

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