Discover the benefits of residential post-frame construction

Post-Frame Home Construction

Our customers are routinely turning to post-frame construction for their homes and personal residences.

Why? Because this type of construction offers flexibility, adaptability–and last but not least: affordability.

Our customers are also asking about mixed-use buildings that include a living space within them.  For example, some people want a living space, want it combined with some other functional space like a large workshop or storage area.

Post frame structures, which are also called pole barns or pole buildings, have come a long way over the years.  That’s especially true now, thanks to recent innovations in this technology.

You’ll get a lot of options for customization, color selection, and other features similar to what a house builder would offer you.

These structures are resilient and built to last.  Get a house that will look great, be functional, and will stand the test of time.

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We love putting people in houses that are well constructed, have the features they want, and can be up and ready to go in a short time period.

Besides selling to consumers, we also work with general contractors and other construction professionals on post-frame/pole-buildings such as houses.

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